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Service Quality

Alpari Service Quality: Indicators

Being one of the leaders in the global forex industry, Alpari takes the most responsible approach to analysing and improving the quality of service provided to its customers, who in turn, have responded to these efforts and brand innovations with a consistently high level of trust for decades, and this continues from month to month.

Index / Customer Confidence in Alpari Services

January 2022
February 2022
March 2022
April 2022
May 2022
June 2022
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September 2022
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December 2022

In 5 minutes or less

Speed of processing requests for the deposit and withdrawal of funds

One of the keys to Alpari's popularity and customer trust in the brand for more than 20 years are the high standards for speed and quality of execution of applications for replenishment of accounts and withdrawal of funds, which have been supported by the Client Payments Processing Department for many years.
Most of the remaining requests are executed within 1 hour to 1 day (as a maximum), provided that there are no difficulties on the side of payment systems.

of requests for replenishment
at least 66%
of withdrawal requests


The next step towards improving the level of customer service provided was the development and implementation of the ECNCore system at the end of 2019, designed to take the quality of execution of trade orders to a new level.

How it works

ECNCore allows you to connect more liquidity providers to Alpari’s work in the financial markets and, therefore, more accurately fulfill clients’ orders. In the first month since launching ECNCore, a qualitative jump in the level of execution of client orders was seen. Now Alpari customers are able to verify this themselves, thanks to the following statistics:

Order Execution

EURUSD spread statistics on pro.ecn.mt4 account

Spreads became even more beneficial for clients, which can be seen on the example of a graph for the EURUSD pair. The introduction of ECNCore technology has increased the efficiency of working with counterparties and as a result offer customers the narrowest possible spreads to further reduce traders’ expenses.

Order Execution Speed

The new standard for the speed of execution of client orders, achieved through the launch of the ECNCore system, has allowed to set up consistently high performance.

Order Slippage Statistics

Thanks to ECNCore, it was possible to reduce the amount of negative slippage of orders in favour of positive slippage, which means to provide more favourable trading conditions for clients.


There is no way you can entirely avoid requotes when there is heightened market volatility, since this indicator involves chasing the unreachable and ideal level of 0%. Nonetheless, the introduction of ECNCore has allowed Alpari to make requotes highly competitive and on par with the highest industry standards.

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